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 Men are welcome also!

I cannot think of a better way to begin than by addressing 

this VERY IMPORTANT issue:

Breast Cancer

1-800 I'M AWARE®
  The Help line is available to help empower women and their families by providing them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about breast health or breast cancer concerns. As soon as my scanner is up and running again, there will be a page on breast self-exam for you to view and use.

 Get more information

The American Cancer Society

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization

Need help with Post-Abortion Issues? Do you want to help others?

You'll want to visit   40 Days for Life

Need help with relationships, addictions, children, depression, weight?

See the 10 tips page to find help.


Also see Office on Violence Against Women

There you can get help and Information if you are being physically abused or stalked.

There is also info on dating violence, sexual assault and more.

PLEASE! GET HELP if you need it...don't wait or it may be too late.


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