Many have asked if we write wedding vows. We do !

And Rosie is now an ordained minister and Wedding Officiant.

As such, she can perform your Marriage/Commitment ceremony also.

Below is an example of Christian Vows. We do secular vows also.

It is our hope that another couple can use them to make memories.

If you'd like the vows below for your wedding...You may do so.

We only require that you write and ask first ...and that you share the story of your wedding day with us.

Just send us an email or call and we will write vows for you personally .



Rosie Beth

Please see Tribute To Our Mama Trudi....we lost her on July 4th, 2002


My Love,

Typical vows just wouldn't fit here...

But then, we are not typical as we soon found.

It seems a fitting beginning to say how very 

blessed I was and am,

That God gave you to me.


We never thought it would be you and I 

standing here as "We" so long ago.

We knew, but we didn't know.

It's so miraculous how he was preparing us 

for each other simultaneously.

We were being sent in the same direction for His glory, separately...

And yet...together.


We were both made strong enough by His grace...

To go it alone.

But also, by His grace He brought our paths together...

 And made them a single path...


A path where we join hearts, spirits and hands...

To be the most powerful for Him...together.

You have brought out in me all that is good ...

And so much which is Godly.


You have loved me with a love, second only to Our Savior.


You have shown me the Face Of God...

I Am Yours...

And we are His....forever.


© Rosie's Place - Rosie Beth


Vows for a 50th anniversary marriage rededication # 1

Vows for a 50th anniversary marriage rededication # 2


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