Oh! Lord! 

What words are there!

How does the frail human heart reconcile this tragedy?

A mind cannot comprehend the void in our world.

Surely, there is an emptiness so vast...

That only YOUR love can fill...


A Person's life...a Couple's love...a Child's future...a Family's joy... Shattered.

But Lord...only in You, do we have life...

It is ONLY in YOUR love, that we may take comfort.

Humbly, we ask Your hand in our futures...

Only through Your Mercy...will pieces be put back together.


Father God, help us in our weakness, to KNOW...

That Eternity is Forever.

Help us to keep our eyes upon You and Your love...

Not hatred...for justice is Yours to meet upon the guilty.


His return comes soon and shall put an end to this suffering...

Why not focus on that and be ready?

In the meantime...love as you've never loved before...

Be kinder than ever before...it's so needed in this world.


We pay the Highest Tribute to those so very special...

Whose lives were sacrificed to pay for the cause of freedom...

For OUR futures, whatever they may be.

You will never be forgotten.


© 2001, Rosie's Place - Written by Rosie Beth

© 2001 - 2015


Addendum September 2015: These words are still as true 14 years later.

We all need to thank those that are STILL giving their lives through illness...

because they gave their ALL to save so many.

THANK YOU to our Police, First responders, Firemen...

and so many more who served that day and so many afterwards.

You have not been forgotten either.


The day the world changed forever...



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