Whether choosing a friend or a mate....

Here are some tips to help you. Think of a friend or a potential mate..

and see if the following attributes apply.


Right Relationships


Right Relationships:

Build Your Confidence?  ________

Encourage you when you are discouraged?  ________

Motivate you to do your best?  ________

Stimulate you to greater creativity?  ________

Energize you when you are weary?  ________

Comfort you when you are hurting?  ________

Are they forgiving toward you?  ________

Defend You - (e.g. Will love you and will defend you when you are criticized, will stand up for you, believe in you, and know the truth about you when no one else does)? ________

Love you when you are unlovely?  ________

Accept you as you are (like Jesus (Yeshua) does)?  ________

Confront you when you are wrong?  ________

Help build you up spiritually?_____________

Serve you – (they see your need and are willing to come to your aid)? ________

Will be patient with you (e.g. I understand where you are and why, and it’s ok)?  _______

Wrong Relationships:

Dim your vision?  ________

Discourage you?  ________

Drag you down – (derail your thinking until you give it all up)?  ________

Defeat and ultimately destroy you? Cause you physical or emotional harm? _______

Destroy your dreams? _________

Bring you down spiritually?_______________

Does the other person think only of their own needs? ________

Is that person unwilling or unable to share with you or include you? ________

Does someone demean you in private or in public?  ________

Qualities to Look For In Relationships:

A person of Godly character – (e.g. Their beliefs and behavior are consistent with the word of God) 

A person who is committed to you

A person who genuinely loves you for who you are (just for you)

A person who is looking out for your best interests

A person who will give you wise counsel (e.g. Would you even consider their opinion, are their facts truly factual, are their suggestions Godly?)

A person who will be honest with you even when it hurts

A person who will accept you as you are and encourage  you to be better (in a positive way)

A person who is faithful to you in difficult and trying times (e.g. No matter what, I’ll be there for you)

A person who will give of themselves to you unselfishly

Look for someone who prays for you in whatever way needed…(who will call your name daily to the Living God)

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