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The Dictionary Site is Incredible ! There is a dictionary for almost any topic you can think of not only for vocabulary.

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Do not use Priceline for airfare tickets.

You will never get your money back if you

have a problem!





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Amazon is not only about books. They have items for Children, Men, 

Women, Outdoors and so much more.


Fodor's Travel Online       Moments Notice Travel


The Bible & Prophecy

Simchat Torah Beit Midrash



This site is AMAZING!

Resource Central -Whatever You Need Is Here 

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The Blue Letter Bible - Great Bible Search & Concordance

Dictionaries (not just spelling)-Excellent Site!

Maps   Find Law-Search

 ZDNet-Download shareware, freeware, demos and more.


Fun Sites

Reader's Digest - Stories, Games and Inspiration




Poetry Place ( Main Index )


Eternity With You

 A Real Marriage Proposal To a Lady (for you men)

   Wee Hours  If Yeshua Never Came   
    Where Can I Go?    Once Again 
   A Special Daughter      A Mother's Love (for a son)
  Always My Mama       May All Your Dreams Come True
   If She Could     Friendship as a Foundation 
   Sometimes It's Hard    Are You Me or Am I You? 
   Times Hellos & Goodbyes    Before You Came
   For All We've Shared    How Shall I?/What Do I Say?  

   Rosie's Love Pages  

The Kids Place at Rosie's Space   

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