Wee Hours

In the wee hours of the morning

Before the sun rises...

I lay next to you...

And watch your face soften in slumber.


I wish then that all the painful past

Could be erased and recreated...

A past that would have only joy

And the love I try to surround you with.


In the morning I awaken to your warmth

And I am thankful that it is YOUR arms

Which can enfold me

When they reach out to me.


In the afternoon I watch you try

To make it all work somehow

While you are working through all the changes

In your mind , heart and spirit.


In the final hours of the evening

I come to you and can only give you myself

Hoping that it is enough to sustain you

Through the fire......


Then the wee hours come ..again

And I pray that my love and Godís

Will be enough...and sometimes a tear falls

And love , is all I can give...as the day begins anew.


I feel such joy ...

And the privilege of having you

Sometimes...I feel sad

For I can only watch and pray.


And leave it in HIS hands...

Hoping that I will be the sunshine

That will light your way...

While we both hold HIS hand....and walk forward.


© 1999-2016, Rosie's Place - Rosie Beth







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