Sometimes It's Hard 


Sometimes it's say "I care."

To open up and let someone "in there"...

Being vulnerable’s not easy, you know...

When your feelings you decide to show.


Some of us, NASTY persons have found...

Who've broken our hearts & kicked us around.

Gotta be careful, it's scary out there....

Human monsters, worse than a NIGHTMARE!


Keep away from me, most of us say...

I don't need you or the pain today!

So we trod along, wondering WHY....

There's a void that sometimes makes us cry.


But what say you, can you, human be?

Gotta open feel light and FREE.

If we keep love inside us to cover or hide....

Sooner or later, "heartfelt" feelings will die.


As we all know, and have heard many say....

Love isn't love ‘til you give it away!

Give It?...How can we ? If they keep draining our cup...

Don't stop trying! Never give up!


There are special people, who would like you to "care."

Those who'll return love, they're truly out there.

A friend, a lover or the mate meant for you....

Who'd be HAPPY to love you, not give you the "blues."


Get ready, keep smiling, keep that twinkle in your eye..

Don't let the good ones pass you by!

How will I know them, you might say?

You'll know them by your "Peace" inside.


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