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Friendship As A Foundation


Friendship has been described in many ways...

The description could take nights and days.

I'll tell you what I think, you see if it's true...

Could be it's meaning is different for you.


A friend will love you in spite of yourself...

And never put you away on a shelf.

I'm HERE for you, you're here for me...

If I am wrong, please help me see.


I love you has been said by many a tongue....

From old, way down to young.

But the love a friend, is priceless I find...

There's a special meeting of the minds.


True friends look beyond the surface...

Beyond looks, past dress suits and lace.

They look deep inside , where most won't go...

Most people fear that, don't you know?


When friends look deep with trust and care...

There's rarely a deep rooted feeling of fear.

For caring brings love and a place that's "safe"...

Where you can be whole with a smile on your face.


If this happens for me and it happens for you...

My friend , I'll show you a love that's True.

If I walk with you, will you hold MY hand?

I WILL defend you throughout the land!


The best of me...

Is all I can give...

To my friend...

As long as we shall live.



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