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Forget Her

Forget her name, forget her face,

Forget her smile and warm embrace,

Forget the love that you once knew,

Remember now you have someone new?


Forget the love that you once shared,

Forget that she once cared,

Forget the times that you cried to Him,

Forget her when you hear a hymn.


Forget how close you two once were,

Remember now, you wouldn’t love her,

Forget you’ve memorized her sexy walk,

Forget all of her affectionate talk.


Forget the times when she was glad,

Forget or try, when she was sad,

Forget her gentle, teasing way,

Forget that she loved you yesterday.


Forget the little things she used to do,

Forget the way she made love with you,

Forget the warmth when you stared into her eyes,

Forget the way she was one of the guys.


Forget how she loved and supported you,

Remember, it wasn’t enough for you,

Forget the way she softly spoke your name,

Remember now,  it's not the same.


Forget she used to hold your hand,

Forget all the sweet things if you can,

Forget the times when you were all alone,

Remember then, how you called her at home.


Forget the times when she said what she needed,

Forget the times when it wasn't heeded,

Remember then, to her, it was  all.

Forget to you, they were simple & small.


Forget the times that went too fast,

Forget the times, they are in the past,

Forget the time when two sang &  prayed.

Forget the times when you laughed & played.


She's under God's wings,

With the love He  brings...

Forget when she said, " I'll leave you never "...

Remember now she is gone,  forever.


© 1993-2016, Rosie's Place - Rosie Beth


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Midi is provided with permission by sequencer and performer Yuko Ohigashi.  You are welcome to visit her wonderful site by clicking on her banner.  There she has CDs for sale, midis and MP3s!  This is an original composition entitled

A Love Song.




Please note...there is another poem 

called "Forget " on the net. 

This gentleman has written and asked to 

have credit for his work which is very similar.


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