Eternity With You







This is a Marriage Proposal From a Man to a Woman

It's based on a letter of proposal that actually happened.

So if any of you Romantic men are thinking of 

proposing , here are some words that may help you.


Eternity With You


My  Dearest Love I want to spend Eternity with you.

God had such special plans for us and I just never knew...

That we could be so close or love as deeply as I do.

Every day, in every day, so much with you is new.


It feels as though a lifetimeís passed, yet it hasnít been so long...

Since I understood my "former loves" were oh, so very wrong.

"Wasted years and wasted tears" with them, I always thought...

It wasnít true, since I found wasnít all for naught.


How would I see how good we are, if I hadnít known the "bad?"

Could I appreciate this happiness, if I had never felt sad?

I guess the fact is Darling, youíve always been waiting for me...

And I have waited my whole life, for you to come, it seems.


Time goes so very fast, it seems, as we are sharing life...

So My Lady, Iíd be honored if you would be my wife?

When I touch you, I feel that Iíve been touching you for years.

When I share with you or you talk with me, it erases all my fears.


I do not know when the world we live in,

Will be coming to itsí end.

I only understand, with whatever time is left...

With you I want to spend.


Dear God please hear my prayer, I ask,

When I pass on to die....

That You will give me an eternity,

With You and she by my side.


©Rosie's Place 1997



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