Before You Came

Before you’s days were ordinary.

Before you came...I saw the stars but I didn’t see their twinkling.

Before you came...I breathed in air, to live.

Before you came...I’d forgotten the smell of the earth beneath my feet.

Before you came...Flowers were nice to look at.

Before you came...I saw the moon but I didn’t wonder if you were seeing it too.

Before you came...I walked by the water, alone.

Before you came...I only glanced at the mountains.

Before you came... My spirit was good but it never soared.

Before you came...I smiled but it didn’t always touch my eyes.

Before you came...No one had touched me in so very long.

Then suddenly, you WERE there.

And life was worth living, more than ever…

The stars began to dance.

I breathed so deeply that my feet almost rose from the ground.

The feel and smell of the earth touched ALL my senses.

Flowers made me heady with their magnificent fragrance.

The moon now smiled at me and you were smiling also.

As we walked by the ocean together, God’s power became more tangible.

When did the mountains become so ominous and wonderful?

My spirit soared high above the earth.

I felt my smiles touch all of me again.

And my body began to sing…as when a fiddle-bow..

plays a fine violin.

Where are you now, Oh love?

Come and feel the wonder of it all…

With a new perspective.


©Rosie's Place, 1998-2016 - Rosie Beth





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