A Special Daughter


I had to devote a page to MY special daughter.


My daughter lives thousands of miles away in 

Santiago, Chile, with her husband and four children. 

She’s been there for 6 (long, to me) years. 

I miss her very much. There are reasons for this.


Alicia, (affectionately known as Pudgy :-) is amazing! 

She has overcome  language barriers

 (‘til she lectured in Spanish), cultural

 barriers (did a cooking show  on TV.), spiritual and 

illness trials and a few more besides. 

Her courage is to be admired.


Her creativity is the greatest! If most saw dying 

flowers they’d throw them away. Not Pudgy! She’ll dry 

them and make a beautiful arrangement. Many people would 

look at an old house and say "not for me!" She’ll have

 a vision of beauty in her mind and make that vision a reality.

The deepest beauty she possesses is in her heart, mind and spirit.

She’ll love the underdog or the wronged! 

….And  try to respect a persons’ individuality.

She’ll laugh at a muddy dog in the house ...

if he kisses her enough . :o)


When life gives her lemons, she DOES make lemonade. 

The FAITH in The Lord she has is inspiring.

Why am I writing this? Simply because I wish to applaud 

her love for her family and the

thoughtfulness she has for others...to say I admire

her courage and to say I am very proud 

of the woman she has become.


I have very special memories of the many things she 

has done for me that no one else 

would think of, especially at an early age.

Very simply put…she’s a sweety and I love her to pieces.


‘Nuff said !

R.B.P. to A.E.P.



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