Please see a Tribute To Our Mama Trudi whom we lost on July 4th, 2002

Please see a Tribute to those who gave their lives on Sept.11,2001


Photo site is being updated for the first time in 9 years. :o) Stay tuned...for THEN and NOW.


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Elisabeth Rose



This page is quite outdated. I'll fix it at some point. :)


Here you will find links to many photos. The following pictures 

include my Son, Daughter and all their children. 

You will also find  photo of my Mom and Pop with a special 

request attached to it...also my brother & his lovely wife Sandy. 

My Daughter Alicia lives in Santiago, Chile in South America.  

(her husband is from Chile)

If the people and locations do not look familiar, this is why.

Want to see great photos from Big Sky Country in Montana?

we've got them HERE.



Click below to see the various Photos.    There are antique Photos also.






The Women's Meeting Place