Are You Me Or Am I You?

(For A Special friend)

Are you like me or am I like you?

I guess it depends on a point of view.

There’s a twinkle I see in your eye....

People say I have , which I can’t deny.


It seems I think what you often say.

Sometimes it blows my mind AWAY!

Where did you learn to read my mind?

Did we meet before or am I blind?


How do you write what I hide so well...

About what I’ve felt in a private hell?...

Why does no one else understand?

And I feel as though you are holding my hand.


You say you have only a little intuition...

Yet there’s not much I think you are missin ' .

When I look in your eyes I know I can’t hide..

‘Cause I see my heart there as big as the sky.


I watch that big smile, they say that is ME...

But YOURS lights the room and fills it with glee!

They say when they’re down, I "bring them around."

The way you cheer ME up, is as musical sound.


What’s the point here? I don’t know, you tell ME!

I guess we’ll find out in chapters two and three!

Now I know this isn’t the best poem goin’...

But they’re my thoughts & I thought you should know ‘em.


© 1993-2016 Rosie's Place - Rosie Beth


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