4 Generations


Great - Grandparents 
James  - 6-2-30

Trudi Elizabeth  - 8-24-1932 to 7-4-2002

We lost our Mom to cancer after a 6 year battle. Please pray for our family.


Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

Xavier Michael 



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My Daughter Alicia Alicia in Church
Amanda at Church Amanda & Missy
Little Daniel  1 Little Daniel  2
Missy at Church Mom & Pop - Important
My Son Stephen Joe - Flag Day 2001 
Baby Sandi Sandi 2
Xavier (Stephen's Son) Xavier Michael
Tornel Family In Memory of Elizabeth Rose
Four (4) Generations Five (5) Generations
Brianna - A great dog photo & tribute Elisabeth Rose at Age 20  
Amanda - Close up Missy- 2001
Amanda 2 Joe & Sandy 
Amanda/Sandi/Daniel/Missy '02
More to come...
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