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Five Generations in December 1991

Please see a Tribute To Our Mama Trudi, whom we sadly lost on July 4th, 2002


Elisabeth Rose ( 11-19-1906 - 9-16-1996 )

Trudi Elizabeth  ( 8-24-32 to 7-4-2002 )


Alicia Elizabeth 

Amanda Elizabeth  

Melissa Alicia  - Not Shown


Because Melissa was Living in South America , we were unable to

have both girls photographed before Great-Grandma's Passing.


" Because I Live, You Also Will Live " John 14:19

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My Daughter Alicia Alicia in Church
Amanda at Church Amanda & Missy
Little Daniel  1 Little Daniel  2
Missy at Church Mom & Pop - Important
My Son Stephen Missy- 2001
Baby Sandi Sandi 2
Xavier (Stephen's Son) Xavier Michael
Tornel Family In Memory of Elizabeth Rose

Four (4) Generations

Five (5) Generations
Brianna - A great dog photo Elizabeth Rose at Age 20
Amanda - Close up Joe - Flag Day 2001
Amanda 2 Joe & Sandy
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