Sweetly Remembered Cupcakes & Mini Cakes

by Rosie Beth

Phone: 267-980-2032

(Only locally in Eastern Montana)

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Cupcakes, Mini Cupcakes & Mini Cakes

For your Special Occasion...Just Because

Or for your Sweet Tooth!


Purim Specialty Cupcakes

for the Jewish Holiday



Specialty - Haman's Hat Cupcakes - 1

Average size for Molded Triangles 2.5 inches

Can also be made in larger sizes cut from a cake.





Specialty - Haman's Hat Cupcakes -2




Vanilla Anise Triangular Cupcakes

Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting

and home made Lekvar (Prune Butter)

in the middle!

Just like we make for Hamentashen!

Made with brown sugar.


Specialty - Haman's Hat Cupcakes - 3

<---------------------With a special flag!

(clearer in person, of course)



New Additions Always Arriving! They may be mixed in with any page. :)

Cupcake Flavors are: Vanilla, White Cake, Chocolate,

Carrot Cake, Spice Cake & Brownie Cupcakes

Cupcakes are made in 3 sizes which are: Mini's, Medium & Jumbo!

You can choose your Flavor & Size

Mini Cakes are approximately 3" x 6".

Fresh Butter Cream  frosting is used most times. Milk is not used, but rather,

 organic coconut cream.  Yellows & Browns are made w/ Turmeric & Carob.

Other colors are high quality. In season, colors are often made w/ fresh fruit coloring.



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