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  Thank you...and may you receive many blessings 

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Please consider that Yeshua gave His heart for yours...

so you may have eternal life with Him.

Share  His love and yours with others.

Rosie Beth


Many have asked if we write wedding vows. We do !

And Rosie is now an ordained minister and Wedding Officiant.

As such, she can perform your Marriage/Commitment ceremony also.

Click Here for an example of Spiritual Vows. We do secular vows also.

It is our hope that another couple can use them to make memories.

If you'd like the vows below for your wedding...You may do so.

We only require that you write and ask first ...

and that you share the story of your wedding day with us.

Just send us an email or call and we will write vows for you personally .


Looking for  Scenic Photos, Poetry, Wedding Vows,

Encouragement  & More?





Are you being verbally abused?

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Also, there is new info on choosing 

right relationships! 

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